Community Character Consulting


Community Character Consulting, founded in 2007, to build stronger communities
through programs designed to bring back etiquette using simple effective techniques.

Programs are designed for a variety of settings including businesses, schools, community groups and virtually any other setting you can imagine. Trainings can be specially designed to meet your needs at no additional expense.

The world today - our communities, work places, organizations, schools, young people - need so many things to thrive. Watch the brief video, let us know what your world needs and let us help you achieve it.














Creating Change in a Challenging World:

How many times have you thought to yourself - or said out loud to a friend - that things around you or your home or your community or your workplace or even the world are really bad?

We know about the problems. We believe that we lack the power to change anything. The truth is, that YOU - yes, you - have the power to make a difference and change any situation or circumstance that comes your way.

The challenges we face in our homes, communities, schools and workplace can be solved by using simple techniques designed to inspire and empower.

It is possible to create a climate of caring and character through internationally proven strategies.

Schools using this approach experience a 40% decrease in disciplinary action and improved academic grades. Businesses, organizations and government agencies experience improved profitability, staff morale and a significant decrease in call-outs and turnover.

Contact us to learn bridge-building language, the importance of mindfulness, the power of boundaries during a FREE information session.

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